The Frugal Momma’s Guide to Maternity Shopping

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I found out I was pregnant with my first little peanut last July, and my husband and I were over the moon. It happened a little quicker than we had anticipated, having just been married for six months. But we were nevertheless thrilled. I anticipated many adventures throughout pregnancy, but what I didn’t anticipate was quite how quickly my closet options would start to get smaller.

I’ve had a pretty mean shopping addiction my whole life. My closet isn’t exactly lacking in any department. But as soon as my hips started to widen a bit and my bump started to grow, I knew I would have to add even more to the mix!

That shopping addiction has luckily always come with a good eye for a bargain! But when I started looking for maternity clothes, I was honestly shocked at how expensive everything was! $40 for a shirt? That I’m going to wear maybe ten times?? Nope. I felt a little cheated that companies can charge so much extra for a little extra stretchy fabric to fit around my belly!

I simply couldn’t afford to fill my closet with specially designed maternity clothes at full price. There was no way. But I was so defeated that I could only get a few items and I didn’t want to wear the same three outfits for the next six months! So, I set out on a mission to build a stylish maternity closet and not break the bank!

Below I have listed the places where I found the best deals! *Please note: this post contains an affiliate links for a product I have used throughout my pregnancy that I highly recommend! If you choose to try it like I did, I may accrue a small profit!*

Varagesale/LetGo/Facebook Marketplace

Like I said earlier, I could not bring myself to pay full price for items I was only going to use for a couple of months. And I know I’m not alone in that thought process. That’s why I turned to some second-hand options! I figured there had to be other momma’s out there who had barely-used maternity items that were way cheaper than paying retail!


These two are iPhone apps that connect you with people in your area who are selling things! Varagesale is my personal favorite. I haven’t had much success with LetGo yet but I’m always browsing! I like Varagesale because there is an entire section dedicated to Maternity. If you’re just browsing instead of looking for something in particular, you can find some really cute stuff!

My favorite find was a set of two belly bands (normally around $25) for $5! They have been so handy for making sure my belly isn’t poking out from under any of my shirts and for a little extra back support!

Facebook Marketplace

This is just like the other two apps, but if you have Facebook, you already have access to marketplace! You can search for items or just browse through the Baby/Kids section like on the app and find a ton of great deals!

I like these second-hand options for two reasons:

  1. When you’re finished with the items yourself, you can often re-sell them on the same platform and get some, if not all, of your money back!
  2. A lot of times, people are willing to drop their prices even lower. You never know if you don’t ask!


If you don’t mind second-hand items, try checking out your local thrift store! Often times you can find items in great (even new) condition if you do some digging. And you can simply wash them well before you wear them!

I also knew I would eventually need to buy maternity pants. I couldn’t just live in leggings for 9-10 months. But everywhere I looked for pants, they were over $30 a pair. $30 isn’t terrible, but if I bought 3 pairs for some closet variety, that’s $100 I don’t have! Instead, I went to Goodwill on a Saturday, when everything is generally 50% off and Jeans are all $0.99, and found eight pairs of pants! Plus I scored a couple cute shirts as well and my total bill was less than $30 — less than I would’ve paid for ONE pair of pants at a retail store!

Forever 21

I’m adding this one to the list for one simple reason. Basic camis/undershirts. For less than $2

I bought two belly bands, but I wear a cami underneath whatever I’m wearing almost every day. My cami’s fit for a while, but they soon got to be a little short once they were stretched over my ever-growing bump!

I was normally an XS/S, so I simply went into Forever 21 and grabbed 5 mediums in various colors and 5 larges in various colors! So simple! You can grab them in store or order a bunch online — HERE.

Plus, I always love looking through the clearance racks at Forever 21 because they always have great deals. And they have a lot of flowy/boho style items right now that accentuate any bump perfectly!


I have a lot of friends who have already had kids. Which means as soon as I found out I was pregnant, the advice came pouring in! And thank goodness it did! I was getting tips left and right about belly bands, compression socks, comfy bras, etc.

There are two reasons why I love Amazon for maternity items:

  1. Hello. Amazon Prime. Get exactly what you need in two days. This came in particularly handy when my feet started to get really swollen and I needed compressions socks STAT. And it also comes in handy if you need some last minute Christmas jammies. And realize you don’t have any that fit and Christmas is less than a week away. Oops.
  2. Amazon has a feature which I wrote about in a another post (My Two Favorite Amazon Features: Saving Every Penny Possible) called Wikibuy. It compares the amazon price to a bunch of other sites to make sure you’re getting the best deal! Click the post to see how it works!


I find that some people have a certain stigma about Walmart sometimes. I’ll admit that I don’t go there often. However, throughout this pregnancy, I have found so many simple little necessities on clearance at Walmart that I think I’ve changed my mind about them completely.

I was not prepared for how quickly my underwear would start getting tight. TMI? I am naturally very small and was very active before getting pregnant. So I was not prepared for how quickly my hips would widen. I wasn’t even gaining much weight/fat, but my hips just kept getting bigger!

Now, underwear is obviously a necessity (for most) and I knew I would have to buy more than a couple pairs. I could have treated myself and gone to Victoria’s Secret and really felt luxurious but then if I get back to my normal size, those underwear will just get tossed in the trash. (Let’s be real, no one wants to buy second hand panties, even if they are fancy) And that’s a lot of money to be throwing away.

BUT TA-DA! I was in Walmart and happened to be walking past the underwear when I noticed a clearance rack! I browsed through the next size up, and even another size up for later on in the pregnancy, and found TEN pairs of underwear that were surprisingly cute — some of them were on sale for $0.75! Now even if I throw them away post-baby, I won’t feel that bad!

I got inspired and searched the rest of the clearance racks and also found super comfy slippers for $2.50, some plain, loose fitting t-shirts for $3, and the one pair of sweats I’ve worn around the house for about two months straight for $5!


I was a Target addict before I got pregnant, but the hormones that race through my body now when I enter the baby section — oh my goodness. 75% of the items in my nursery already and on our baby shower registry of from Target.

Here’s why I love it for maternity: their maternity clothes are some of the softest and comfiest I’ve found so far, and there are frequently coupons and extra discounts on the CartWheel app!

And why it’s a good deal: Four times now I have found a Cartwheel coupon for an additional 20% off clearance items – including shoes, accessories, and clothing! I bought a pair of very comfortable boots for less than $15 with this deal and found a couple really cute tops that were nice and flowy for less than $10 each! I’ve also been keeping active and going to the gym regularly, and three times I’ve found a Cartwheel coupon for 20-30% off all active apparel!

TJ Maxx/Marshall’s

Again, already a huge fan of these stores as I’m always looking for a bargain, but they came in particularly handy when I was looking for maternity and baby items. Scan their clearance racks as well as their normal selection and you’ll find department store items for 30-70% off their retail price!

My favorite find was at TJ Maxx – I found a Calvin Klein maternity dress that was perfect for New Years Eve on sale for $15! The tag price from Calvin Klein was well over $100! #winning

Old Navy

Finally, I’m putting Old Navy on the list because of one shopping trip in particular.

I’ve been buying leggings and yoga pants from Old Navy throughout my pregnancy and just sizing up when I need to, but I always peruse the clearance section while I’m in. When I went in a couple weeks ago, the clearance section was a disaster. I mean, it literally looked as though a tornado had wiped through the store because there was just so much stuff crammed back there and sticking out in every which way. To be honest, I almost walked away. But I thought I might as well sneak a peek and see if there was anything worth buying — I’m so glad I did.

I really had to do some digging. And it felt like a real workout by the end. But buried in all those piles I found shirts for $0.99! It was the end of season BIG clearance so all their summer tops and tanks were on sale in November, but if you put those tops underneath a cute sweater, it doesn’t really matter what season it is! And for $0.99, I didn’t much care the color or design (although almost all of Old Navy’s designs are adorable) as long as they fit comfortably over my belly!

So whether you just found out you’re expecting a little bundle of joy or you’re 6 months in and crying because nothing fits anymore, I hope you can use some of these resources to save you a little money and hassle!

Thank you for reading, and as always, try to spread some happiness today!

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  1. These are all places that I love to shop. Wal-mart has some really cute things. Also, Mejier does too (not sure if you have that where you live!)

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