Best New Products for Book Lovers!

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I get my love of reading from my mother. She taught me how to read fairly early and I never stopped. I was that kid in school who always had their nose in a book and was even helping younger students learn to read. I’ll read books of all kinds: biographies, romance novels, thrillers, true crime, really anything!

Recently, I’ve even been using reading as my motivation to go to the gym! I put together a whole plan (HERE) for reading while I work out to stay motivated and lose weight!

I put this list together while I was looking for a gift for my mom, a true bibliophile herself. And I found some of the cutest stuff to gift to a book lover or to treat yourself to!

No Two PErsons Ever Read the Same

Book Quotes on Books, Reading, & Writing – On Sale $18

Library Card Tote Bag

To carry books to and from the library, of course! – $20

Or a Library Card Mug!

To enjoy a cup of joe while you’re reading all those books from the library 😉 – $12

A T-Shirt that everyone knows is always true

Whether it’s Harry Potter, the Giver, Lord of the Rings, or any movie made about a children’s book, we know that the book will always be better! – $12.99 from Target

Bookends that double as vases

To add some floral decor to your bookshelf! – $40

Or some more subtle but stylish Bicycle bookends

On sale for $34.99!

Watercolor Map Notebook

To keep track of which books you’re going to read next or maybe jot down some notes about the ones you’re reading now – $10

A Literary Scarf Designed with the most famous lines

You can choose from Pride & Prejudice, Alice in Wonderland, and more! – $48

A mug  for every Weekend

And may all your weekends be filled this way! – $24.99

Fred & Friends Little Green Bookmarks

A set of 6 on Amazon is less than $8!

Just One More Chapter Throw Pillow

Even though we know that’s usually a lie! – $17.99


And a blanket to keep you cozy while you read

So you’ll have everything you need…to just go ahead and finish the book! – $34.95


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