The Easiest Side Hustle: How I Paid Off Two Credit Cards Last Month

The Easiest Side Hustle Ever_ I Made $300 Last Month in Truly Passive Income

I am always SO skeptical when people offer “side hustles” because I have found that a lot of times it ends up being a lot of work for very little pay or the opportunity just doesn’t pan out in general and I’ve gotten my hopes up for nothing. credit-card-2761073_1280

I have tried surveys for hours, reselling gently used items online, and countless other little side jobs that never worked out for me. Until I started this blog, I was spiraling into side hustle hell where I was so desperate to try anything but was constantly disappointed. This blog has helped me branch out a lot, and while I haven’t made a profit from this blog in particular yet, I’m hoping it’ll get there eventually!

However, I did finally find one side hustle that has actually been successful to me. Last month, I made $350 and was able to pay off two of my smaller credit card balances completely! It’s only the 7th of the month as I’m writing this, and I’ve already got $45 waiting to be paid out at the end of this month as well. HOW??

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